Impacte, Inc.
  • Frees up sales force to make more sales
  • Provides better service at less cost
  • Solves problems vs. making them
  • Reduces overall costs caused by mistakes
  • Creates answers as to what happened, not questions
  • Solves a problem once, not every 3 or 4 months
  • Increases clarity of what needs to be done
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Impacte’s management system will drive your company to meet its goals efficiently and reliably. The system is based on managing activities, not people, using Activity Based Management (“ABM”).
Impacte found that the major reason companies don’t meet business goals is failure to comply with business processes. These failures cost companies at least 20% of their operating budgets. These costs occur because some people don’t do the job right the first time. In survey after survey, senior managers have underestimated the cost of non-conformance by at least a factor of 6. In other words, they felt non-conformance cost only made up 5% of gross sales revenue when it was actually as high as 30%. Impacte provides the solution that eliminates non-conformance through its management system.

Impacte’s system is based on achieving goals and objectives. Setting those goals can be a difficult task but Impacte is able to guide clients through the process. Once established, they are used to create the steps needed to obtain the goals through use of a processes.

A series of steps leading to a desired result is a process.

Impacte’s dedicated Tracking Center tracks each step to make certain the responsible employees are doing them correctly and on time. This approach allows employees to know specifically what the company wants done and that they must do these steps correctly with little supervision. They also know that mistakes are caught in real time and dealt with immediately. The employees are happy because they are their own boss knowing exactly what they have agreed to do each day without being told. The company management is happy because the challenge of managing people has been reduced significantly and they can rely on employees to do their job correctly. It is therefore easier and more effective to manage activities than people and their results.

Both management and employees are happier with the arrangement.

Most supervisors find people very complex and very challenging to manage. Supervisors therefore find this system very easy and less complicated to use. This management system can be used to manage people by managing activities in the back office, in the sales department, warehouse, factory, office or anywhere else. Impacte’s ABM system is efficient, cutting edge and cost effective. With over 50 years of experience and 10 years of development of the ABM service, this mature system delivers benefits, including but not limited to:
  • reduced operating costs
  • increased span of control
  • increased transparency into the operations and processes
  • improved quality
  • increased scalability by creating a service that can be replicated across the organization
  • the ability to modify processes quickly and efficiently
  • higher employee moral because of the certainty of their duties and the removal of subjective or conflicting requirements by supervisors or other management personnel.