Why impacte

Expertise Based on Experience

impacte is in a unique position to do the job of warehouse management:

impacte successfully operated over 20 small facilities in Canada, US and Puerto Rico for its parent company.  Each of these operations had inventories that had to be carefully managed.   Problems at one or two of these sites could have been disastrous for a company so geographically spread out. impacte became an expert at identifying warehouse and inventory problems because of this experience.  impacte found:

  • Running a warehouse requires dealing effectively with many things that have to be done right.
  • When the wrong part gets to a client it doesn't seem like a big deal but it might cost the company a customer.
  • Valuable time is wasted trying to reconcile a discrepancy between the book and the actual inventory value.
  • Costly production lines are shut down because needed material didn't show up on time.
  • These "small mistakes" when added together over time turn out to be a costly mistake.
  • Inventory management is outside the primary purpose of most manufacturers

Impacte has built on its early experience to provide world class inventory  management and warehouse solutions.

Customers Benefit from our Experience

There are many benefits to our customers, including:

  • reduced inventory variances
  • improved flow of material in and out of the warehouse
  • inventory levels are aligned with the needs of the operation.
  • reduced obsolescence by tracking and eliminating the cause
  • improved information so correct decisions can be made to reduce causes of mistakes
  • reduced operating costs
  • reduced lines being down because of material shortages
  • increased profit margins
  • improved customer service and satisfaction
  • reduced space required to store inventory
  • reduce or eliminate trailers holding inventory in the parking lot or outside facilities
  • improved organization of the warehouse
  • reduced late deliveries by getting things done as planned

impacte’s Niche Approach

impacte’s services are focused on one niche in the market, Inventory Management, and Warehouse Operations.  This focused approach brings a wealth of flexibility and knowledge that meets goals:

  • Impacte is similar to a tug boat helping a cruise ship coming in from the ocean and safely getting it into the designated dock.
  • In the case of large cruise ship it does what it was built to do.
  • It's core business is bringing people out on the ocean and visiting various ports to let the passengers visit places they may not have seen before.
  • The tug boat's core business is focused on helping large ships maneuver well in the tight confines of the port to get it safely docked.
  • The cruise ship needs the specialized vessel that help it maneuver in tight quarters.
  • The tugboat is not very effective in the open seas. That's the place the cruise ship is built and organized to operate in effectively.
  • Dealing the minutiae of getting a warehouse to operate effectively it is not what a large company does proficiently.
  • Operating with changing schedules, late deliveries, poor quality, inaccurate BOM's, customers pressuring sales to move their order up several days requires specialized skills.
  • These are the challenges an outside nimble company with a scalable system that concentrates on these issues can out perform the larger company whose focus in manufacturing and production.
  • The small issues could cause major losses to a company in scrapping obsolete material, expensive manufacturing going lines down, large expediting bills, damaged product and others.