Save With impacte

The Solution to Your Inventory Problems

impacte solves most inventory problems that are universal and affect all companies regardless of size or industry. These industries include returnable container management and small lot productions, among many more.


The following problems are common and extremely costly:

  • Management thinks there is too much inventory
  • Inventory Variance  
  • Too much inventory on trailers
  • Unable to locate inventory in warehouse
  • Too much damage to inventory
  • Expediting costs too high
  • Inventory turns are way down affecting cash
  • Missing shipments to major clients
  • Production lines go down because the material isn't available
  • More space is needed for manufacturing
  • BOMs are not kept up to date
  • Quality and service of raw material is poor
  • Inventory information not updated quickly enough in the office
  •  Too many schedule changes
  • Obsolescence
You can minimally expect to save 20% of what it is currently costing you to run these functions as well as the cost of the mistakes in those areas.