“[Impacte] is responsible for every step of the process and ensuring that the packaging is available at the right time. We don’t need to worry about [packaging], they are responsible for making sure that the product is designed, the product is manufactured, and that the product is planned appropriately and make sure its there when its needed. I can walk away from that process and know that it’ll be taken care of . . . [W]hat we buy is not a product, it is a solution, and that includes not only the design stage, [but also] the manufacturing, …the availability of the product, … being part of our repair process to doing the repair and logging out the material and being partly responsible for the accuracy of our inventory. That’s not a trust we give to just about anybody. … [E]very year we find new opportunities.”
Leading International Computer, Peripheral and Associated Service Company

“We freed up a lot of inventory dollars that we had invested in a commodity that was not strategic for us. . . . We freed up management time, management of the whole process of packaging, which is not where our value added is. . . . We had a problem keeping up with growth, the primary reason we started to explore an outsourcing partnership was that we were growing rapidly, at 40-50%. The reason we ended up choosing [Impacte} was because they were very cooperative and almost as excited about the [opportunity] as we were.”
Leading International Computer, Peripheral and Associated Service Company

“[we were] looking for a solution to problems we had relative to scarce resources and came upon an idea that we could empower some of our partnership suppliers to do a lot of our work for us by implementing what we call a supplier in-plant program. . . . [A] person [is] assigned to our location … and it works out very well. It saves us manpower and it’s really helped in the reduction of shortages and increasing the service level.”

“Overall it’s been a win-win situation”
Major medical device manufacturer